Monthly Archives: May 2015

Just because you can (track your employees with an app), should you?

Well, I had planned on a quick post about the new CFRA regulations issued last month, but then my assistant sent me this article about a case filed in Bakersfield. The plaintiff alleges that she was terminated when she uninstalled an app that allowed her employer to track her movements – during work hours and after hours. The author of the article, Daniel Howley of Yahoo! Tech is a better writer than me, so I won’t steal any more from him.

I want to point out that even if you aren’t tracking your employees’ movements via an app, or a GPS device, there are important issues raised in this article. Almost every employer I work with has employees with smartphones (or watches. . .or tablets. . .) that are used for personal matters and work, during work hours and after work hours, paid for by the employer, or not. There are privacy issues, confidentiality issues, wage and hour issues, harassment issues, etc. I’d like to send the entrepreneurs who create in this area a big thank you for creating great products, and additional employment law work!