Upcoming Events & Online Trainings

October 6, 2020:  Northstate SHRM HR Summit

I am excited to announce that on October 6, 2020, I will be presenting at the Fourth Annual HR Summit for Northstate SHRM.  I will be speaking at 9:00 AM on managing a remote workforce. You can participate, too! The conference will be virtual this year, so it is a great opportunity to hear speakers and “meet” HR professionals not in your geographic area.

Information and registration is here.

Online Harassment Prevention Trainings

Yes!  I regularly give harassment prevention presentations that satisfy California’s “AB 1825” requirements.  Right now, I’m doing them via Zoom (or your preferred platform).  Clients generally want either an “entire company” session for the first hour, followed by a second hour with just managers. I am happy to customize my program to confirm and promote your company’s values and goals.

Managing a Remote Workforce

With all the work from home, I have an online training to help your managers navigate their new-ish world of working with employees who are not face to face.  I am happy to customize a program to fit your needs.

Email me for more details:  jdebacker@mstpartners.com

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