Monthly Archives: July 2020

CDPH’s Guidance for Employers re COVID-19

We’ve all been reviewing the appropriate county and state guidance for returning employees to work – and I’ve had some questions about the State’s overarching document.  So, note that the California Department of Public Health’s guidance for employers Responding to COVID-19 in the Workplace is here.

Welp . . . maybe all those new California bills won’t be going anywhere soon

I attended a great webinar last week on AB 5 (the independent contractor law that took effect in the old days — January 2020).  I mean, I know it ALL but . . . you know, to hear other people’s impressions of the implications of the law. One thing that was news to me is that there are 30 pending bills in the California legislature for substantive (and some non substantive) changes to the law.

I was looking to create a tracking log for these in terms of those I need to follow and then this just popped up on my phone:

“California Assembly postpones return to Sacramento – members and staff positive for COVID-19”

The Senate plans to return Monday. . .