More about the new (and effective immediately) Cal/OSHA Emergency Regulations re COVID-19

Cal/OSHA’s emergency regulations, which I wrote about yesterday, are now in effect.

Cal/OSHA has posted some FAQs that can answer a lot of your questions. If you scroll down in the FAQs, there is a link to a model COVID-19 prevention program – it downloads into a word document and you can do a lot of “fill in the blanks” to comply.

Don’t forget that your local/County Public Health department is also an important source of information and handy documents. For example, I was asked what an employer can do if they cannot require a negative COVID test for return to work. Well, you want the employee to certify that they have reached a stage of recovery or did not exhibit symptoms for a certain period of time. The County of Monterey has a nice template to use that requires the employee to certify their status. It is here.

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