DOL’s Guidance on Federal Paid Sick Leave and Emergency FMLA

The DOL issued some Facts Sheets for employees and employers regarding FFCRA.  They also published some FAQs.  Hopefully, we’ll get more guidance . .  but here is an initial round.

OF NOTE – the DOL says the FFCRA is effective April 1 in the guidance. I (and others) had it as April 2 – so note the date the DOL says is the one! 

2 responses to “DOL’s Guidance on Federal Paid Sick Leave and Emergency FMLA

  1. Hi Jeanine, Do you have any guidance regarding employees working from home with kids during the Shelter In Place. Does the FFCRA apply if the individual is able to work from home? It appears that the person can work from home they are NOT eligible. I have heard both YES and NO!

    • Teri –
      I read it like you do – it says if the person can telework, then the Emergency FMLA doesn’t kick in. I am hoping the DOL can help us understand what that means! I mean, lots of people are making it work and juggling many things. For an hourly worker, though, it may be that they can only work a certain number of hours in the day due to other obligations – but they are “working” so the benefit isn’t triggered. Hopefully, we can stop speculating soon and get more info! Best to you!

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