Are your employees working from home? Cut them some slack!

This is the rare blog post I am doing that is NOT just links to other resources.  But here goes: it is HARD to work from home when everyone else is home!  It is hard to respond to bosses and colleagues and customers and vendors when family members (especially kids) need some attention.  “Distance Learning” for children (and by “children” I mean anyone under 22, honestly) is hard.  Working from home for people who like a collaborative office, or just the “space” going to an office brings, is hard!

Your employees, and especially their kids, are feeling isolated and scared. This is true even when it is not coming out in those words, but instead the words “make me a snack!” So. . . be kind to your employees.  Be kind to each other. Don’t get upset when the Zoom meeting goes awry.  Stuff is getting done. Everyone is TRYING (at least, I am until the magic hour of puzzles and beer kicks in. Just kidding!)

We’re all in this, separately and socially distanced, together!


One response to “Are your employees working from home? Cut them some slack!

  1. Thank you for keeping it real!!!!

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